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            BL GS-135 RNOLD

            Beichang Machinery Glass Industry

            Glass is a transparent inorganic material. It has the advantages of heat resistance, transparency and chemical stability. It has been processed into various shapes of glass containers, utensils and decorations, and is widely used in packaging and decoration industry.

            Flame technology is widely used in the field of glass thermal processing. High-temperature flame can be used for rapid local heating of glass products for various thermal processing applications, such as welding, cutting, forming, polishing, annealing and so on.

            (About Flame Blower/High Temperature Flame Burner)
            The blowing of glass instruments is based on the glass tube as the material and the flame hot working as the basic means. Blowtorch, also known as oxyhydrogen flame lamp, is the heater of blowing process and the basic tool of blowing operation. The structure of the blowtorch directly affects the performance of the flame and the quality of heating. Blowthrough is the process of hot-working forming with blowthrough flame.

            Beichang company has introduced various glass industrial burners and glass production process solutions. The applications cover different glass fields such as scientific glass, lighting glass, medicinal glass, optical fiber glass, flat glass, process glass and quartz glass, which can meet the needs of various special applications. Beichang and ARNOLE have developed a surface burner for surface mixing burners and premixed burners to solve the problem of low cost production of quartz optical fiber preform rods by customers. It can make the temperature of natural gas oxygen combustion exceed the flame temperature of propane or hydrogen and oxygen burning in ordinary surface burners.

            Operational instructions: Please refer to the number of instructions
            Relevant data suggest that you request Mr. Zhou 371175157@qq.com 0574-6246 0819 by email, QQ, Wechat or telephone.

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