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            Product class

            DY GS-505AH

            The plasma corona treatment machine is designed to improve the surface energy of plastics, foil and paper, to improve its surface wettability and adhesion with ink and coatings or adhesives. When the applied voltage reaches the breakdown voltage of air, corona will be generated between the electrodes. When the fabric runs through the electrode gap, its surface tension is strengthened.


            Application area
            Optoelectronics and Electronics Industry Applications

            Cleaning all kinds of glass surface, improving the hydrophilicity of glass surface, optimizing glass coating, printing, bonding and spraying;

            Flexible and non-flexible PCB contact cleaning, LED fluorescent lamp "contact" cleaning and improve the surface dispensing firmness;

            The functions of plasma pretreatment, PCB cleaning, electrostatic removal, LED bracket, IC surface cleaning and bonding in electronic component processing.

            Adhesion of Mobile Phone Keyboard and Notebook Keyboard

            Coating of mobile phone case and notebook case

            LCD Flexible Thin Film Circuit Fitting
            Application of Automobile Industry

            Activation before flocking-substitution of primer

            Pretreatment of EPDM tape by spraying lubrication coating or flocking glue;

            Car lamp bonding, brake pads, wipers, engine covers, meters, bumpers, etc. adopt plasma surface pretreatment technology.

            Pretreatment of anti-tie tire before gluing;

             Application of Plastics Industry
            Pretreatment of PP, PVC, PET, PC, ABS and other plastics for spraying, printing, electroplating, bonding and flocking.

            Surface modification of various plastics, rubber and silica gel;

            Pretreatment before printing and painting of plastic case such as mobile phones, computers and toys to improve surface adhesion;

            Pretreatment of plastic cosmetics bottle before printing, improving surface adhesion can prevent word falling off and improve product quality.

            Specialized in improving the firmness of color boxes, such as coated paper, polished paper, polishing, gold and silver cards, aluminized paper, UV, OPP, PP, PET, etc.

            It can be equipped with automatic pasting box machine and connected with machine. It can use environmentally friendly water-borne adhesives to reduce the amount of glue used and effectively reduce production costs.

            Printing and Coding Industry;

            Pretreatment of plastics, metals, glass and other composite materials by plasma before printing, silk printing and spraying to improve the adhesion of the material surface to ink.

            Pre-treatment of PE, PTFE and silicone rubber wire and cable by spraying code;

            Pretreatment of PVC, PET and ABS smart cards before spraying code;

            Technical parameter

            The equipment consists of plasma spray gun, plasma generator and cabinet.
            Dimension of equipment cabinet: length * width * height =400mm ×280mm ×380mm;
            Rated power: 850VA (adjustable);
            Number of matched nozzles: single nozzle;
            Connecting function: It can be used online with field equipment.;
            Power SupplyAC220V(±15%);
            Processing width20-80mm;
            Frequency15-25kHz ;
            Gas pressure2-2.5kgExternal gas source);
            Use temperature range-10℃~+50℃;
            Relative humidity: 20% < service temperature < 93% (no condensation);


            Operational instructions: Please refer to the number of instructions


            Relevant data suggest that you request Mr. Zhou 371175157@qq.com 0574-6246 0819 by email, QQ, Wechat or telephone.

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