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            中文站   | English TEL:13819815715
            Product class

            JQ GS-122HPM

            Pre-processing System of Flame for Beichang Machinery Manufacturing

            GS-200HCS Round Bottle Flame Treatment Machine

            The flame pre-processing system of Beichang Machinery Manufacture has fine flame application technology; our accumulated experience for many years, combined with the most advanced combustion safety control system and spare parts, each system is assembled before leaving the factory, and through strict product inspection and testing to ensure its good quality.
            Yuyao-Beichang Machinery Manufacturing 13819815715
            Industry application
            The surface flame treatment of hydrophilic glass Petri dishes, polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) plastics is suitable for surface treatment of pipes/sheets to increase the adhesion between printing and viscose and remove burrs; it is also suitable for pre-printing treatment of beverage bottle caps, cosmetics packaging bottles and flame treatment of daily necessities and household appliances; pre-processing of shoe bonding and other plastic industries is relatively extensive.
            Ningbo-Beichang Machinery Manufacturing 13819815715
            Equipment characteristics
            The angle and vertical height of two groups of nozzles can be arbitrarily adjusted to meet the needs of surface treatment of different shapes by using high-quality high-temperature corrosion-resistant belt chain plate transmission. The electrical control part adopts advanced micro-motor to adjust the speed by stepless speed regulation to meet the different requirements of different workpieces. Technological Design of Patented Flame Injection in Beichang
            The system can use fuel LPG (liquefied gas) or Natural GAS (natural gas); in order to ensure the safety of the system, the solenoid valve is used in the gas circuit to ensure that the gas can be shut down accurately in case of abnormality; the whole machine has novel structure, reasonable design, convenient operation, and movable casters at the bottom.

            Taiwan-Beichang Machinery Manufacturing 1381981 5715

            Datum parameter
            Size of combustion nozzle: 150MM (GSDT-15)
            Control voltage: 220V/50Hz; (three 220V 60HZ)
            Electronic ignition: OK
            Rotary instruments: 39 PCS
            Conveyor belt speed: 2-10m/min
            Adjustment mode: adjustable rotation speed of electronically infinite speed regulation
            Conveyor belt size: 4000 *360mm (long *wide)
            Shape size: 2000 *750 *1750mm (length *width *height)
            Weight: 150 KG

            Operational instructions: Please refer to the number of instructions
            Relevant data suggest that you request Mr. Zhou 371175157@qq.com 0574-6246 0819 by email, QQ, Wechat or telephone.

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