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            Beichang Machinery Metal Industry

            In the process of processing, transportation and storage, the surface of steel is often contaminated with oil, such as rust-proof oil, lubricating oil, chip oil, polishing paste, sweat and asphalt in the process of handling. The presence of these oil contaminants will affect the quality of rust removal and phosphating, and reduce the adhesion between coating and matrix. The method of degreasing before spraying is recommended by Beichang Company for flame metal surface treatment.

            High temperature flame treatment technology is widely used in the heat treatment process of metal parts, such as degreasing of steel plate surface, metal heat treatment, welding preheating, welding, secondary heating of metal processing, surface hardening, stress relief and so on. The physical properties of metal parts treated by flame can obtain better surface hardness.

            Flame treatment benefits:
            Greatly shorten the heating time of metal workpiece
            Effective improvement of metal hardness
            Improving the fatigue resistance and strength of metals

            We have accumulated abundant application experience in the field of metal flame treatment, such as precise flame control application of saw teeth and steel wires, rapid heating of large gears, axles and rolls, surface hardening and degreasing of steel plates, etc. We provide customers with various gas burners, gas fittings, complete solutions and systems for metal flame treatment, Beichang Company. Acetylene oxide flame control technology with high temperature is adopted to meet customers'general and special application needs.

            Operational instructions: Please refer to the number of instructions
            Relevant data suggest that you request Mr. Zhou 371175157@qq.com 0574-6246 0819 by email, QQ, Wechat or telephone.

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