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            中文站   | English TEL:13819815715
            ABOUT US

            ABOUT US

            Ningbo Beichang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales. The factory is located in Mazhu Town, Yuyao City. It is 50 kilometers east of Ningbo City and 80 kilometers west of Hangzhou. It is adjacent to Hangzhou-Yong Expressway and Hangzhou Bay Sea-Crossing Bridge.

            Ningbo Beichang Machinery Manufacturing has independently developed and manufactured more than 200 types of high-speed flame burners, flame safety control systems and flame processors for industrial applications, relying on more than 20 years'experience in surface treatment industry.

            Ningbo "Beichang Machinery Manufacturing" with more than 20 years of flame treatment burner technology, a number of flame treatment patented technology products for many well-known enterprises supporting services; products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions in Europe, the United States and Asia.

            Ningbo Beichang Machinery Manufacturing always adheres to the principle of "sincere and sincere, upgrade quality" in the future journey, will continue to uphold the enterprise purpose of "your needs, my responsibilities", as always strengthen exchanges and cooperation with customers, welcome friends from all walks of life to visit our factory, guidance and business negotiation.

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            Company Address:Copyright ? 2019 Ningbo Beicang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

            Copyright ? 2019 Ningbo Beicang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
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